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Marineopsys. The 1st Cloud-Based Complete Fleet Management Software Suite

Marineopsys is the first and only complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise fleet management software for the Marine and Offshore industry. Marineopsys automates maintenance, supply chain, workforce, chartering, operations, accounting, safety and compliance —in a single, integrated and powerful business management software solution.

Reduce risk, improve safety and security, achieve the increasing regulatory compliance requirements, optimize fleet operations and reduce costs with our real-time, globally available system.

Marineopsys reduces the cost of implementing an integrated Fleet management software solution by one-third with its cloud solution. You will not need to procure expensive hardware and hire IT resources to implement and maintain your system. You can be up and running with this solution in matter of days.

Marineopsys is a complete integrated suite of tools for managing day-to-day operations of an organization with remote assets. Some of the benefits of using the suite include:

- Role based dashboards and drill down to details

- Structural and machinery inspection

- Reduce unplanned maintenance using preventive maintenance approach

- Graphical Condition Reporting using 3D model

- EEOI and CO2 emission tracking

- Reducing procurement cycle by online purchasing

- Integrated inventory and warehouse management

- JSA, Incident reporting and corrective action requests

- Regulatory compliance by conducting audits

- Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Assurance

- Crew management and scheduling

- Payroll and Bonded Stores Management

- Masters General Account

- Fixtures, Chartering and Financial Management

- Voyage planning and Cargo operations

- Invoicing for freight, commissions and other revenues/expenses

- Fuel and Ballast Water Management

- GPS tracking of assets

- Integrated document management system

- Budgeting, cost control and reporting

- Data synchronization between remote assets and office

Our products are built on Cloudsuite framework specially designed for cloud computing. The framework is based on J2EE and uses latest AJAX based technologies for rendering rich, powerful and fast internet based applications.

It is based on a three tier architecture seperating the database, business and user interface layers. It uses IBATIS for interfacing with databse which gives the performance boost and flexibility to support different databases.

The framework is designed for rapid application development thereby facilitating rapid application customization based on customer requirements.

It supports both SaaS solution as well as traditional enterprise solution based on customer needs.

Our solution is available as Software as a Service solution. With our comprehensive SaaS solution, companies can run their core business operations in the cloud, allowing them to streamline operations and cut costs.

This enables customers to implement and start using the solution fast, without worrying about procuring hardware and hiring IT personnels reducing costs. All you will need is a web browser to start using the system. We will take care of all IT jobs like maintaining, monitoring and backing up your valuable data. The access to the system will be fully secure through SSL connection. We guarantee an uptime of 99.9% of our systems.

We also have installers for your moving remote assets. Our replication framework will move data between your moving assets and our central data center on a scheduled basis.

Our products are also available as an enterprise solution to be deployed in your companies IT infrastructure. Our products can be installed without any softwares to be procured. The product comes bundled with all softwares and databses required by the product.

The deployment is very straight forward and all the company personnels can start accessing the system anywhere round the world usineg their web browser.

We also have installers for your moving remote assets. Our replication framework will move data between your moving assets and your central office on a scheduled basis.

We are working on making our solution available on PDA and mobile phones. This will enable the users to access the main functions of the application on the go. The main functions that will be avilable initially are dashboards, alerts, work order completion recording, voyage events. The mobile version will be released in October 2011.

The application is highly customizable for your specific industry. A comprehensive administration module allows to customize the application and create custom data sets.

We also support customizing the application further to more specific needs of your organization. Our powerful framework makes this easy to do in a short timeframe.